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  Athlete Instructions



 Please be sure to read the following instructions to make sure you have a safe race.


You must have your photo ID when you pick up your race packet. Race entries are non-transferrable. This will result in disqualification.

Please take note of the Packet Pick-up times for your specific race. There is no TRIATHLON day-of-race packet pick-up or bike-racking. 10K and 1/2 Marathon participants CAN pick-up their race packets on the day of their race.

There is no parking permitted along the highway portion of the race course. This is an important safety requirement. There will be tow trucks on the road starting at 05:00 am both Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

Wetsuit rental is available at the park, see below under "Wetsuit Rental" for details.

Lakeside Park is a no-pets park. The Parks Department strictly enforces this.

 All triathlons are colors coded.   

1/2 Iron: Red


Sprint: Yellow

Try a Tyi: Orange

                                                                           Youth: Purple

Saturday July 19 Waves & bib numbers


1/2 IRON RED  

Wave #1   7:00AM

Age group 16-70 Bib#TBA

+ All Relays 



 Wave #1   7:30 AM

Age Group 15-29,    Bib#TBA

+All Relays

Wave #2   7:35 AM

Age Group 30-39     Bib #TBA

Wave #3   7:40 AM

Age Group 40-49      Bib# TBA

Wave #4 7:45 am

 Age Group 50-81    Bib# TBA


Running races Start time 07:15 am

***Staging area pre race(7:05) to the right of registration***

½ Marathon: White  Bib 

10K: Blue Bib  

Sunday July20th Waves & Bib numbers


Sprint  Yellow(3WAVES)


Wave #1  8:00 AM

Age Group: 11-34   Bib # TBA

Wave # 2 8:05 AM

Age Group: 35-49   Bib #TBA

 Wave#3 8:10 AM

Age Group 50-79    Bib# TBA

+ All Relays                  

TRY a TRI Orange (3 waves)

Wave #1 8:20AM

Age Groups 10-34     Bib#TBA

Wave #2   8:25AM

Age Group 35-44    Bib #TBA

Wave #3   8:30AM         

Age Group 45-79   Bib# TBA



Youth Wave: 08:50 AM  Color purple

One Wave for all Youth!



ChelanMan is a USAT sanctioned event.
ChelanMan MultiSport Weekend is a production of  the Lake Chelan Multisport Foundation. The multisport weekend is scheduled for July 19 and July 20, 2014. Long Course, Olympic distance triathlons and running events are on Saturday. Sprint, Try a Tri , Youth, and children's triathlons are on Sunday.

All events begin and end in Lakeside Park 1.5 miles west of the City of Chelan on State Route 97A adjacent to The  Lakeside Lodge and Chelan Resort Suites.

All runs and bike routes  occur on the south side of Lake Chelan on Hwy 97A, Hwy 971 and Chelan County roads. All roads will remain open to traffic.  You must obey road rules unless otherwise directed.

No Day of Race Triathlon Registration.
Only running events (Saturday morning) registration and Splash n Dash (Sunday) registration will be allowed the day of race. Traithlon registraiton usually fills and closes 3-4 weeks before the ChelanMan weekend.

Package Pickup at Lakeside Park:

Friday July 18th
1pm — 8pm
(All Races)

Saturday July 19th
05:30am — 06:45am runners only

4pm-8pm Sprint, Try-a-Tri, Youth, and Splash n Dash racers

Packet pickup is required before racking your bike in transition.  

Triathletes will be body marked by volunteers at the Transition area the day of race (please allow enough time prior to your start).  

Body Marking:  Race Number on Left Shoulder and Left Calf and Race Age Group - Right Calf.


No parking is allowed at Lakeside Park. Parking will be available at Ranier Field (see FAQ page for driving directions). Shuttle busses will run back and forth throughout Saturday and Sunday. See Shuttle information below. Over 800 athletes will be competing each day - please plan accordingly.

Bike Drop-off Instructions:
Bikes must be racked in transition the night before your race.
Your bike must have your bike number attached before it will be allowed into transition. The bike number is to be mounted on the top tube or down tube of your bike. It must be visible to course marshals. Seat tube placement interferes with visibility. The course marshal has the authority to pull racers over to correct covered up numbers.

You must be wearing your wristband in order to enter the Transition area, at all times during the weekend. 

Rack your bike after you pick-up your race packet.  You will have access to your bike in the morning to set up your transition area.

Bike drop-off hours are:

Friday July 18th
1pm to 8pm
 Long Course and Olympic racers

Saturday July 19th
4pm to 8pm
for Sprint, Try-a-Tri, and Youth racers

Security will be provided throughout the night.

Bike Retrieval Instructions:
After your race, you, the athlete, will be allowed entrance into the transition area to get your bike if, and only if, you are wearing your wristband.

Saturday's triathletes need to remove their bikes from the Transition area between 11:30 AM and 3:00 PM so that the bikes for Sunday's racers can be racked. Bikes must be removed from the racks by 3:00 PM.

The shuttle busses will run back and forth, as the busses fill, throughout the weekend until 3:30 pm and Sunday at 6:00 am until 1:30pm.  The drop off and pick up point near Lakeside Park is at the corner of Terrace Avenue and East Center Street until the races begin.  Then the bus stop will move one block east to the corner of Terrace Avenue and Evergreen Street.

The race venue park is a no-pets park. Please plan accordingly.

Wetsuit rental: For those wanting to purchase or rent a wetsuit, the ChelanMan organizers recommend our friends at  Although the average water temperature at Lake Chelan in late July can exceed 70 degrees, cold water is always a possibility. Also, a triathlon wetsuit offers additional flotation which can improve your overall swim performance and leave you with more in the tank for your bike and run. will have a booth set up at the expo and will be renting suits on-site. To guarentee availability of one of their well-fit, brand name triathlon wetsuits, they do recommend you order from their website ahead of time. The rental cost is $45.00 and FedEx Ground shipping is only 1 day within WA state. You can direct questions to or give them a call at 306-297-1818.

USA Triathlon and US Track and Field Sanctioning and Insurance:
All events will be conducted with the highest professional standards and race support to ensure athletes are safe and supported. All triathlons are sanctioned and insured by USA Triathlon (USAT).

Julie Pittsinger is a USAT Certified Race Director. All triathlons will be draft-free and have USAT certified course officials to ensure safe and fair events. The swim courses will have Red Cross certified lifeguards. The WSDOT-approved bike course will have certified flaggers at major intersections.

ChelanMan Multisport weekend will provide athletes of all abilities an exceptionally safe, accommodating and professionally managed event to celebrate your accomplishments.

Numbering and Body Marking - At registration you will receive a wristband with your race number on it. This will allow you entry into the bike transition area and must be worn at all times during your race.

Run number must be worn at all times by the athlete while on the run course. It must be placed on the front of the athlete and be visible at all times. Pins are supplied. Race belts are encouraged.

Triathletes: timing chips are worn on your left ankle during the race only. They will be removed at the finish line. 10K and half Marathon runners, your timing chip is embeded in your race bib and is disposable.

Aid Stations: Bike
The Long Course triathlon will have 5 aid station opportunities (one that is passed twice, and three others). 

The Olympic distance triathlon will have two aid station opportunities (one that is passed twice). 

Sprint and Try-a-Tri will have a single aid station at the turn around on the bike. 

Hammer nutrition in bike bottles, water in bike bottles, and Hammer carbohydrate gels will be available.

Aid Stations: Run
Long Course, Olympic, Half Marathon, and 10K run aid stations are every 1 to 1.5 miles.

Sprint and Try-a-Tri run aid station is near the 1 mile mark and is passed again on your return to the park.

Hammer sports drink, water, carbohydrate gels, and wet sponges are available at each aid station.  Hoses and squirt guns may be available at some stations. If you want to be squirted or soaked, speak up!

Medical Support: There is a medical tent at race start and finish.  Sag wagons are patrolling the course and available to help you.

Bike Support: provided by Arlberg's, Wenatchee, WA

Race Photographers: TBA

Race Timing:
All races are chip timed by BUDU Race Timing. Timing chips for the traithlons are placed on your ankle. Timing Chips will be distributed with your race packet at package pick-up. Chips are returned at the finish line. Athletes are responsible for returning their chips at the end of the race. Foot races (10K and Half Marathon) will have the timing chips in their race bibs, they are disposable. Failure to return your assigned chip will result in a $75.00 charge. All inquiries regarding results and post race chip charges should be directed to: BuDuTiming C/O Deanna Muller (206)9203983
Note: If you fail to start your race, or do not finish, be sure to make arrangements to return your chip at Lakeside Park registration table. Thank you, Race Management.

Awards and Athlete Recognition:
All athletes receive a tech t-shirt and a custom state-of-the-art finisher's medallion.

AWARDS: Awards for the 10 K run, the Half Marathon, and the Olympic Triathlon will be at 12:00 noon near the Packet Pick-up area. Awards for the Long Course Triathlon will be at 3:00 pm. These times vary, please ask Race Director or an official for up to date information on awards. 

10K 1,2,3 overall male
1,2,3 overall female Master male & master female Grandmaster male & grandmaster female Half marathon
1,2,3 overall male 1,2,3 overall female Master male & master female Grandmaster male & grandmaster female
Sprint triathlon 1,2,3 overall male 1,2,3 overall female Master male & master female Grandmaster male & grandmaster female
Olympic triathlon 1,2,3 overall male 1,2,3 overall female Master male & master female Grandmaster male & grandmaster female
Half iron 1,2,3 overall male 1,2,3 overall female Master male & master female Grandmaster male & grandmaster female
Sprint, Olympic and Half Iron Relay Teams 1st Place in each division. Male, Female and Mixed. Each team member will receive an award
Age groups — awards for top 3 male and female: 15 and under (except half iron), 16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35- 39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 & 70+. Overall winners do not also get an age group 1st place award — rolls down to next runner up in age group.

Athlete Checklist

  • USAT Membership Card
  • Photo ID
  • Bike (mandatory per USAT regulations: bar ends in place)
  • Helmet
  • Bike Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike Gloves
  • Water Bottles
  • Tire Pump
  • Anti-Chafing Product
  • Spare tubes
  • Directions/Course Maps
  • CO2 Cartridges
  • Tools
  • Wetsuit
  • Swim Cap
  • Goggles
  • swim suit / triathlon suit
  • Running Shoes
  • Cap/Visor
  • Towel
  • Socks