Notice: Event Discontinued Permanently

                                                                          Notice: Race Permanently Discontinued

***There is a mandatory race meeting for Saturday races on Friday, July 17, at 7 pm at Lakeside Park in front of registration***


Packet Pick-up — There is NO Triathlete day-of-race registration or packet pick-up. You must pick up your race packet and place your bike into the Transition area the day before your race. 

Friday, July 17
2 pm to 8 pm
at Lakeside Park Registration Tent.

Athletes must show photo ID and may only pick up their own packets. No athlete will be permitted to participate without photo ID. USAT members must show current USAT membership or pay the one-day USAT insurance fee of $15.00.  Your will also receive a participant's wristband that you must wear to enter the transition area and get your bike out after your race.  The packet contains your run bib number, a bike number, a swim cap, and a timing chip. USAT rules are in effect.

Race Start

Saturday, July 18, 7:00 AM

Triathletes will be body-marked before their race, outside of the Transition area. Please allow enough time for this before your race. Body Marks: Race number on left shoulder and left calf; Race age group on right calf. 

1900 Meters.
Swim will be a somewhat triangular course from Lakeside Park. 
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58.1 Miles.
When you mount your bike on Terrace Avenue, you will travel east 100 yards and turn right on East Center Street.  Go one block and turn right onto Hwy 97A heading west. The bike course goes west along the lake on South Lakeshore Road (Hwy 971) 17 miles towards Twenty-Five Mile Creek State Park (moderate hills). The out-and-back then returns to Hwy 97A, turns right (south) at Pat and Mike's Gas Station and begins a clockwise loop going up and over Knapps Coulee (good hill) on Hwy 97A, going down through the tunnel.  Then the route turns right (north/west) over Navarre Coulee (series of good and moderate hills) on Hwy 971.  Then return to Lakeside Park riding east along South Lakeshore Road (flat), and Lake Chelan, following the same route on East Center Street and Terrace Avenue to the dismount area.
Long Course bike map with elevation

13.1 Miles.
The run starts and finishes at Lakeside Park. You run on an out-and-back, mostly flat course towards Lake Chelan State Park.  Aid stations will be every 1 to 1.5 miles.
Half Marathon run map with elevation

You finish your race at Lakeside Park. A volunteer will remove your timing chip. You can then enjoy the post-race food and activities.

Relay Teams
Select a team captain, pick a name and register. Each member of the team will receive a technical t-shirt and a finisher's medal.
Each team member needs to show photo ID, check in and pick up their own race packet. The packet will contain 1 run bib number, 1 bike number, and 1 swim cap. The team will be given one timing chip. The timing chip is the "baton", that is passed from the swimmer to the biker and then to the runner.