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BuDU racing is the timing company of choice for the Chelanman Multisport weekend.  Any questions regarding disqualification or time penalties should be directed to Julie Pittsinger, Race Director.  Budu racing is not associated with Chelanman and the decisions made in this regard; however, they do a fantastic job providing accurate timing for all!


Saturday Races: 

Sunday Races:






 ChelanMan course records: (prior to 2012)

Olympic Tri Men 1:56:14 2008 Roger Thompson Spokane, WA
Olympic Tri Women 2:09:34 2007 Tracy Orcutt Seattle, WA
Half Iron Men 4:27:25 2008 Michael Gordon Seattle, WA
Half Iron Women 5:10:18 2009 Heidi Hubler Bonney Lake
10K Men 34:18 2008 Paul Abdalla Duval, WA
10K Women 41:22 2008 Jessica Heiner Brighton, MA
Half Marathon Men 1:16:56 2007 Robert Perry Snohomish, WA
Half Marathon Women 1:23:56 2007 Marlene Farrell Leavenworth, WA
Sprint Tri Men 58:23 2007 Nick Dufrese  
Sprint Tri Women 1:09:18 2009 Lori DesChamps Anchorage, AK


2009 Olympic and Half Iron Triathons 

Best of the US - Washington Winners

1st Pruden Rusty Kirkland
2nd Meng Graham Seattle
3rd Darling Kalen Spokane
1st Pancoast Kimberly Kirkland
2nd Finegold Lynda Wenatchee
3rd Barkley Sarah Wenatchee


Congratulations to Rusty Pruden and Kemberly Pancoast, a couple from Kirkland representing Washington in the Best of the US competition at Lake Mission Biejo, CA, September 27, 2009.


2009 10K and Half Marathon Runs

2009 Sprint Distance Triathlon and Try A Try


2008 Olympic and Half Iron Triathlons

Congratulations to Roger Thompson of Spokane and Tracy Orcutt of Seattle representing Washington in the Best of the US competition at Tempe Arizona October 26

Congratulations to all Half Iron athletes who qualified for the USAT Halfmax National Championships  October 18, 2008 in Las Vegas Nevada.  Top 33% in your age group for the 2008 chelanMan Half Iron qualify.  click here for qualification details

2007 & 2008 Results