Notice: Event Discontinued Permanently

                                                                  NOTICE: RACE PERMANENTLY DISCONTINUED

A fun event for future triathletes!

Sign your kids up online or in person before the race.  Registration closes at 11:00 am Sunday. The race will be limited to 200 participants.

Start Time
12:00 pm at Lakeside Park at the beach near the exit of the swim for the other triathlons.

50 meters along the shore in 2-foot deep water.  Kids who are capable should swim. There will be life guards and volunteers assisting for safety.

Approximately 1500 meters on paved path through the nearby neighborhoods.  Helmets required.  There will be many volunteers along the route to guide participants.

300 meters on a path within the park, ending under the main finish line banner.

Fun medallions will be given as kids cross the finish line.